Happy New Year!

Fast forward to 2022…new year, new you! I’m just kidding, new year, but same old me. I left the last post in a real cliff-hanger with every intention of airing out all the details in several instalments, some even drafted, but alas, ran out of motivation or steam, or both.

Long story short, somehow, we managed to sell the condo and move into a freehold. At the time, the market was overheating into a frenzy. We completed in a 20+ offer melee and lost by a huge margin before securing our current place. Friends who have heard Nick tell the story will know that it was nothing short of a miracle. In a fluke, we got a fixer upper that nobody else wanted.

Since then, we’ve been following the blog and video commentary of a local real estate agent who posts about stats and trends for entertainment value. I know, it must be Stockholm’s syndrome to continue our unhealthy fascination with Toronto real estate, but news about record setting prices and FOMO demand are everywhere. In fact, it’s hard to believe but the market may have gone up even further since our shenanigans.

You guys, I am so not looking forward to our property tax assessment if/when it catches up to market value!

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