Horsin’ around

Yesterday, Nick and I decided to go for a walk in the neighborhood. We originally talked about a trek up north, but I was tired. So, we ended up just strolling around to David Pecaut Square.

“That was barely a walk,” Nick said, as we settled down onto a park bench. “We could have just sat on our balcony.”

“Yes, but this place has a better view and ambiance,” I replied. Sometimes, it’s hard to find space in the fastest growing city in North America to see the evening sky without craning your neck up ninety degrees.

“And, it’s a good spot to chill and observe the clouds,” I added. “Look, the ominous ones are catching up to the fluffy ones.”

Nick fished his phone out of his pocket.

Down at ground level, a white balloon was stuck in a rectangular fountain with a wide and shallow waterfall. The balloon rolled back and forth underneath the waterfall from one end to the other. Once in a while, the flow in the fountain increased, making a whoosh sound as the additional volume cascaded down the edge of the infinity pool. The balloon finally made its escape as this happened.

“Why do you think the water volume increases like that?” Nick asked.

“I don’t know.” I responded. “Maybe the water level in the tank beneath the fountain got too low and triggered the pump to run faster.”

As we speculated, two mounted police officers trotted over to the decorative fountain on their mighty steeds. One horse began to bend its neck down for a drink of water.

“Watering time!” We observed excitedly.

At an awkward angle, the horse tried to back up to reorient itself for better fountain access. And as it stepped back, I could see its massive rear end suddenly flying toward me, just a foot or two away.

The officer pulled the reigns to steady her ride.

“Wow, I almost got sat on by a horse!” I exclaimed.

“You did,” Nick acknowledged. Both of us were a little bit dazed.

A few steps away, the horses left an organic present for the park critters to enjoy. 

Well. That was an experience that you couldn’t quite get from sitting on our balcony.

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1 Reply to “Horsin’ around”

  1. Margaret has left out the best part of the horse anecdote:
    As the one horse strained its neck down to get little sips of water from the ground level of the fountain (with the police officer still on its back and the reigns frequently tensing as it bends its neck, so it would pull its head back up), the partner’s horse just walked around the fountain and drank from a basin that was at its height.
    Work smarter, not harder, horsies.

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