On a mission

“Why do you always have to be on a mission?” Nick would ask. Granted, I hadn’t heard this line in a while. We had banned it from the household because it was starting to become a trigger.

“What mission?” I would retort. “I’m not on a mission!”

To clue you in, this “mission” that Nick refers to is not evangelistic in nature. I’m just trying to brush my teeth, get dressed, make breakfast, clear dishes, make lunch, etc.

Nick doesn’t usually eat breakfast; so maybe he’ll hop onto his phone or iPad to check his emails.

Two minutes later, he’ll decide that he wants to talk to me, or to show me a funny video clip while I’m in the middle of doing something.

Big picture thinking, empathetic, caring, and multi-tasking Nick would have no problem pausing whatever he’s doing for any conversation, or funny video clip viewing. However, tunnel vision, detail oriented, and results driven me has a hard time hitting the breaks.

“Okay, I’ll watch it in a minute,” I would say. “I just need to reorganize the pantry first.”

Unfortunately, one chore would often lead to another, and then another, and then I’d find myself inventorying the fridge, and then folding the laundry. And then half an hour later, Nick would still be waiting.

At this point, his eyeballs would have rolled into the back of his head. “Why you can’t just stop for a moment?”


On Mother’s Day, we picked up flowers from a local florist, intending to spend some socially distant quality downtime with my mom. When we got to her place, she greeted us with a smile.

“I am so glad to see you!” she said. “Now you can help me setup my zoom account, fix my phone, login to my work email, review my paperwork, and take photos for me!”

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  1. I always bother Margaret and Nick about the programs of computer and cell phone .

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